Traditional smoking comes at a cost

The cost of smoking traditional cigarettes goes well beyond what you pay at the cash register. With traditional cigarettes, you are limited in the places you can smoke, you make many compromises, and your smoking also affects those around you. FIN e-cigarettes have no smoke and no odor, leaving you free to smoke in far more places, and with far less negative impact.

Escalating Cost of Cigarettes

With the rising cigarette tax and increased restrictions, smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes has become more prohibitive. FIN electronic cigarettes are not only easier to use, but it can cut the cost of smoking almost in half. Come experience freedom from expense and restrictions.

Cost of Social Acceptance

There are significant restrictions put on smoking in public spaces for many reasons. Because electronic cigarettes create no smoke and no odor, FIN grants you far greater freedom to smoke publicly, and is socially accepted.

FIN Product Life

Each disposable FIN e-cigarette is the equivalent of 2 packs or 40 traditional cigarettes. With FIN rechargeable products, you get even more life and satisfaction out of a single e-cigarette. Using FIN saves time and money while rewarding you convenience.

There are many ways to save with FIN

FIN gives smokers a smoking alternative. We offer several convenient and cost effective electronic cigarette options, from disposables to rechargeables to complete kits.

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